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Matt Gray
Matt Gray
Branch Manager, CMPS, CMC, NMLS #68261
Office: (704) 749-3691
Cell: (704) 562-6462
Fax: (704) 749-3687
Email: mattg@fairwaymc.com


Taylor Countryman
Taylor Countryman
Loan Officer, NMLS #110073
Office: (704) 749-2184
Cell: (704) 907-2499
Fax: (704) 749-3687
Email: taylorc@fairwaymc.com






Matt Gray


Matt Gray
Branch Manager, CMC®, CMPS®, Military Mortgage Specialist


Matt Gray is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist and a Certified Mortgage Consultant. As a former CPA, he excels in taking a financial planning approach to the mortgage process. In addition to originating mortgage loans for his clients Matt manages the Cotswold branch of Fairway located on Randolph Road.

Matt is a graduate of Furman University and received a Master degree in accountancy from Ole Miss. His experience, combined with Fairway’s best-in-industry operations and outstanding support staff, ensures Matt’s clients get the best of both worlds---the absolute best mortgage loan to fit their family’s financial needs and a smooth, hassle-free transaction that closes on time and on budget.

The majority of Matt’s business comes from real estate professionals, past clients, financial professionals, and others who know they can trust him to provide those important to them with the very best lending experience possible.


Matt is originally from Birmingham, AL and relocated to Charlotte in 2001. Matt and his wife, Valerie, live in south Charlotte with their daughter, Holland and son, Harmon.


The CMPS and CMC are the highest certifications achieved in the mortgage industry. Matt is the only professional in North Carolina to hold this dual certification which places him at the top of the industry for knowledge, experience, ethics, and professionalism. Never far away from real estate, prior to entering the mortgage industry in 2002, Matt was a CPA and Financial Analyst for a real estate developer.

Matt also holds the Military Mortgage Specialist designation where he received extensive training as to the special needs of United States Military families when buying or refinancing a home. He has also helped a large number of Fire Fighters in Charlotte and the surrounding counties purchase homes and has a passion for assisting those connected to the local Fire Departments.

Personal Quote

"My goal is to get every client into a mortgage that best fits into their family’s overall financial framework. While doing this, I strive to provide the best client experience in the industry. I want my clients to be so impressed with how I handle the process from start to finish they can’t wait to recommend Fairway to others!"

Fun Facts

  1. My young daughter, Holland, asked me what I do at my "work office" all day. I said "I help people by supplying them with the money they need to buy homes." She replied, "That sounds fun Daddy, I love our house---can I have some money?"
  2. I prepare video analysis of loan options for all of my clients. I am no professional when it comes to my voice and acting skills --but the content is great! I have had excellent feedback from clients on this custom presentation.
  3. I played Division-1 college baseball. True, it was at Furman, but hey-- it counts!
  4. I enjoy building systems to help our branch move loans efficiently through the process. Every deal is important and most close on time. I love seeing this happen time and time again.
  5. I met my wife on 12/31/1999—you know, Y2K, the day the world was going to end!
  6. I went to grad school at Ole Miss, my wife is a Gamecock, my Mom’s family live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and my sister went to Auburn. SEC football is pretty fun around our house.
  7. Our family attends Providence Baptist Church, where Val and I were married.
  8. I decided to get into the mortgage business to use my financial background to help others. I wanted to interact with clients and other professionals on a daily basis.
  9. We are avid Panthers fans!
  10. I used to despise running. I didn’t understand why anyone in their right mind would voluntarily run for fun! But, after I was winded chasing kids around my backyard, something had to change! I started a "10K Runner" app on my phone. Now, after not running over a mile at any one time for about 12 years, I can run 6. It took 14 weeks of step-by-step, consistent (but manageable) increases. I now get the whole running thing!


Taylor Countryman, Loan Officer, NMLS #110073
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. NMLS Entity ID#2289
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Office:  (704) 749-2184
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